Monday, November 15, 2010

things that made me happy this weekend

1. i'm blowing up dee's spot. she made a wonderful dinner friday night for pom wonderful. i don't think she wrote about this yet BUT LOOK AT THESE BROWNIES! it's an amazing chocolateness, topped with homemade pomegranate ice cream, homemade pomegranate delicious sauce (so-so-so good!), and pomegranate seeds! think she's going to post the recipe later this week.

2. it was seventy degrees out on saturday! how awesome is that?

3. i went to see the baby of the family swim in her college swim meet this weekend. our parents came and my mother handed me a tupper-ware of MOM MADE vegetable soup. i ate it all before i took a picture though.

4. sunday morning my friends and i went to cambridge brewery for "beer-unch". we all split an order of  beer doughnuts. which were pretty divine. i mean, it's hard do go wrong with fried dough. even harder when you coat it in warm chocolatey syrup. for my meal i got french toast, it was also delish but i could only eat about half a slice - so filling!

5. stopped on the way home to take little sis grocery shopping. she purchased these tulips for me and i'm happy to have them now decorating my wall (:

6. really got to spend some quality time listening to janelle monae's  archandroid cd all the way through. so glad i had the album in the car with me this weekend! cold war is one of my favorite videos from this album:
dance or die is probably my favorite song from the album; then tight rope and tight rope (wonda mix) are both fun (and different enough to listen to back to back)

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