Monday, December 27, 2010

shell games


wonderful snowy night last night. creeped a little on the house windows. great time seeing the whole extended family this weekend.

ps there's also some new bright eyes out, sounds kind of like more of the same but i'm still syked. can trade your email address for the new song.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

santa claus

it's 22* and dark out. it's only 6pm. have not finished any sorts of gift shopping. threw my full coffee cup on the floor as i walked in the door. (it exploded, i swear!) need to study too. stress much? never! wrapped up with some text books, candles blaring and "dark sedan" by karl blau looping. the image it paints is so calming. and how can you not love lines like these? :

"i musta forgot how the night was coming, acoustic guitar, politely strumming/ packed up strings it takes two thumbing, a dark sedan pulls up on the shoulder / on the highway feeling low...."
grab mp3 at pitchfork, watch video on youtube. (seriously take a listen!)

this past saturday, santa came to town and i have the photos to prove it, check em out...